Monday, 31 August 2015

"Cat Having A Wash" Book Folding Template

This pattern is for a very cute cat having a wash. I often catch my own cat looking just like this, very intent on his task.

The design uses 180 folds or 360 pages, so can easily be completed in an evening.

Available to download now from Etsy

Flying Swallow Book Folding Pattern

Another animal design today.

As summer draws to a close the swallows will soon be flying off to warmer countries before they return next summer. Meanwhile why not create your own swallow book art.

This pattern only needs 155 folds in a 310 page book.

Download now on Etsy

Friday, 28 August 2015

Ta Dah! Book Folding Pattern

Another fun word design today.

This book folding pattern is inspired by the Boots commercial (sorry you won't understand this if you are not in the UK). "Ta Dah!" captures a moment in time when you feel really good about yourself.

Well I feel really good about this design. Enjoy.

Available to download on Etsy

Thursday, 27 August 2015

How To Choose A Book Folding Pattern

So, you want to try out book folding – where do you start? Apart from a book you will need a pattern and there are many available for you to choose from. There are two main types of patterns, the mark and measure method or a template style.

Mark and Measure Patterns

These are the most common type of book folding pattern. A mark and measure patterns simply gives you a list of measurements. There will be 2 measurements for each sheet, one for the upper fold and one for the lower fold. You start by using a ruler to make a pencil mark on the page for each of these folds. Once you have gone through the book marking each page, you then go back to the beginning and start making your folds.

The reason that mark and measure patterns are so wide spread is that there is a computer software package that you can buy that which calculates all the measurements for you and many small businesses have bought into this software.

One major drawback to these patterns is that they are not flexible to the height of your book. All the measurements are based on measuring down from the top of your book. In most cases the patterns say that it is suitable for a book 21 cms tall, so if your book is 18 cms or maybe 25 cms then the final design will probably not be aligned where you would like it to be.

Template Style Patterns

These patterns are a more visual form of the pattern you are about to fold. You have a column for each sheet of your book with an upper and lower line showing where the folds need to be made. With a template pattern you simply line up column 1 with your first page and then make the folds. Then move on to column 2 and your second page and repeat.

What I love about these patterns is that you can start folding straight away without having to make all those measurements (I know I’m impatient, but don’t we all want to see our design appearing as quickly as possible?).

A key advantage of this type of pattern, is that you choose where to position the design vertically (height wise) in your book. This means that the pattern can be adapted to the height of your book. You could even enlarge or reduce the pattern with a photocopier to make it fit a different size book.

As you can probably guess, all the patterns I produce are template style. I used to produce these by hand, but my husband has created a personalised program which does all the hard work, allowing me to concentrate on ‘tweaking’ the detail in the design.

Why not try both types of pattern and let me know which you prefer.

Book Folding Pattern For A Swan On Water

I live by a river, so the scene from my lounge window inspired this design of a swan gliding across the water. Very simple yet elegant.

Full details of the pattern can be found here on Etsy

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Paw Prints Book Folding Pattern

Oh, how we all love our four legged friends. They bring so much unconditional love and all they ask for in return are good long walks, tasty meals and a tummy tickle (well that's what my dog loves).

I also have many friends who are a dog lover and I'm always looking for unusual presents for them when I'm out and about. So designing a 'paw prints' book folding pattern was an obvious idea. Some friends are not crafty, so I have made and given them the finished book. Others though, love to have a go themselves, and they have been delighted with the outcome.

Why not try this out for some of your dog loving friends.

The pattern for this book is available to download here from Etsy

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

"Hello" Book Folding

So here we are with my first pattern. I thought that it should be something welcoming, so what better than the word "Hello".

This is a nice simple pattern which requires 259 folds (518 pages) and uses a Bookman style font. It only took me a couple of evenings to make the book and I think this will look perfect as a decoration on a hall table.

The pattern for this book design is available to buy now on Etsy. It is an instant download so you can start folding in minutes!

The Art of Book Folding

So here we are, the start of a new venture.

Looks Inviting has been my own crafting business since 2006. During that time I originally created thousands of handmade wedding invitations for clients - all very time consuming but also very rewarding.

I then discovered book folding and I was instantly hooked. I started producing my own designs and selling the finished books in a local craft outlet in my home town of Market Deeping on the Cambridgeshire Lincolnshire border. Initially the patterns were created by hand, but then my husband helped me out by developing some software which does most of the work and produces very clear and professional patterns. So now I can now move into the word of digital downloads and sell my unique designs to others for them to enjoy. This means that I get to make one of each design so that you can see exactly what the finished design will look like, which is a perfect excuse for spending all my evenings folding books.

Please bear with me as the number of designs build up. I'm folding as quickly as I can!